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Contract Advisory Services

Heavy incentives are offered to most enterprise software vendors in order to sell ‘heavy weight’ enterprise agreements. These contain highly discounted price levels and will give you the advantage of lowered average cost per license. However, in the long run, owing to the complexities of enterprise agreements and the vendor’s revenue incentives, your organization will have to bear significant financial loss as a result of:

Over Licensing

You may be entitled to large quantities of some perpetual licenses at a heavily discounted level, (or even at nil cost). However, chances are that you might be ‘locked-in’ to pay hefty support fees for all licenses which can be as much as 25% of the pre-discounted license cost per annum.

Unfair Audit Clauses

Although a vendor audit clause is very common in today’s software contracts, it is not a necessity, especially when the proposed frequency of audits and your responsibility to fulfil audits are perceived to be unfair to you.

Fine Print

There are many clauses embedded in the detailed terms and conditions that can create significant compliance risks for customers, such as licensing model changes, geographical restrictions and various reporting obligations. These are the things that will catch the customer red-handed and by surprise in audits.

At AnalyCat, our Contract Advisory Service offers independent specialist advice on optimizing your organization’s new or renewing software licensing agreements. With over 50 years of combined experience in licensing audits and experience in requirement analytics, consumption audit, planning, contract review and negotiation support, we can help you maximize your ROI on enterprise software contracts.