BIM services

Which can help in visualizing the building explicitly before construction, avoid service clash and building junction errors, reduce project duration of materials required, and ultimately reduce cost.

BIM can provide superior understanding of building in 3D form with all plans and section required during execution engineers can focus more on execution rather than solving clashes.

AnalyCat provides a range of BIM (Building Information Modeling) services to support modern building design and construction.

Here are brief notes on some of their key services:

Creating 3D BIM models from existing 2D plans and designs

AnalyCat can create 3D BIM models from a client’s existing 2D plans and designs, improving accuracy and efficiency in the design and construction process.

4D simulations

using 4D construction simulation software to plan and visualize the construction process for a building, including scheduling, resource allocation, and other key factors.

Good for construction drawings

creating accurate and detailed construction drawings from detailed BIM models.

As-built drawings/model

creating accurate as-built drawings and models of a building after construction is complete.

Clash coordination

identifying and resolving clashes between different building elements in a BIM model to prevent costly errors during construction.

Scheduling/material quantity take-off and generating BOQ

estimating the quantities of materials and resources required for a building project and generating a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) to help with project planning and budgeting.

BIM family creations

creating custom BIM families, such as for building components or equipment, to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the BIM model.

BIM management

helping clients manage and coordinate BIM models and data throughout the project lifecycle.

Resolving junctions and providing solutions

optimizing the design of building elements to reduce costs and improve efficiency while meeting all necessary standards.

Graphical area analysis, 3D space planning and visualizations with interior elements

creating detailed 3D models of a building, including interior elements, to facilitate better planning and visualization.

Shop drawings/model

producing detailed shop drawings and models for building elements to ensure that construction proceeds smoothly and according to plan.

Training to manage the software

providing training to clients on how to manage and use BIM software effectively.