Architecture Services

AnalyCat offers a range of architectural services that can help architects, builders, and other stakeholders understand and communicate design concepts and details.

Here are brief notes on some of their key services:

3D Modelling Graphical Area Analysis

AnalyCat uses 3D modelling techniques to create detailed models of buildings and spaces, which can be used for area analysis and other purposes.

Architecture Junction Coordination

AnalyCat can assist with coordinating the various elements of a building’s design, ensuring that all the different parts fit together smoothly.

Good For Construction Drawings

AnalyCat’s detailed 3D models and technical expertise make them well-suited to creating accurate and detailed construction drawings.

Shop Drawings Resolve Construction Issues

AnalyCat can produce detailed shop drawings that help identify and resolve construction issues before they become bigger problems.

3D Space Planning & Visualizations With Interior Elements

AnalyCat can help clients plan and visualize their interior spaces, incorporating furniture, fixtures, and other elements to give a realistic sense of the final design.

Quantity Take Off And Generating BOQ

AnalyCat can help clients estimate the quantities of materials and resources required for a building project, and can generate a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) to help with project planning and budgeting.

4D Construction Simulation

AnalyCat uses 4D construction simulation software to help clients plan and visualize the construction process, including scheduling, resource allocation, and other key factors. This can help improve efficiency and reduce errors during construction.