Architectural Visualization Services

Architectural visualization is the process of creating visual representations of architectural designs, often using 3D rendering techniques, to help architects, builders, and other stakeholders understand and communicate the design intent of a project.

AnalyCat specialize in providing architectural visualization services, including 3D rendering, walkthroughs, and interactive tours.

3D rendering

involves creating a highly realistic, 3-dimensional image of a building or interior space, which can be used to convey design concepts and details. These images can be static or animated, depending on the needs of the client.


These are virtual tours of a building or space, allowing the viewer to virtually “walk through” and explore the design. These can be highly detailed and interactive, giving a sense of the space and how it will be experienced by visitors or occupants.

Interactive tours

take the walkthrough concept even further, allowing the viewer to make choices and interact with the space in real-time. This can be especially useful for marketing purposes, as it allows potential customers to get a realistic sense of the building or space and its features.

Overall, architectural visualization services like those provided by AnalyCat can help architects and other stakeholders communicate design concepts and make more informed decisions about building projects.