SAM Advisory Services

License Risk Management (LRM)

The first step towards taking corrective measures is to assess the situation. With LRM, we help you gain a complete understanding of your license and compliance position across endpoints, servers and datacentre. This, in turn, will help you understand what you miss out in terms of license and compliance. Our team of consultants, in their previous roles as auditors, has delivered over500 highly valuable reports for Fortune 500 organizations.

SAM Solution Advisory (SSA)

Are you in a dilemma over choosing a SAM solution or technology? We can help. At AnalyCat, our ITAM domain experts have significant experience across multiple solutions. Our licensing experts, on the other hand, can help you benchmark your requirements. Technology and solution selection is an important step and not an easily reversible one. Therefore, our focus will be on helping you make optimum investment.

SAM Process Assessment (SPA)

In the wake of an untoward incident, organizations tend to look for tools to fix it. In the heat of the moment they often ignore the root cause. To help you avoid trouble, our ITAM experts review your current SAM framework, benchmark it against industry standards (ITIL, ISO 19770, COBIT, etc.) and chart a tailor-made roadmap for your organization. Our deliverables include Process Maps, SOPs and Templates. In short, we guard you against unpleasant and untoward incidents that could jeopardize your business. Our consultants have implemented SAM programmes in organizations ranging from 500 to 50,000 people in accordance with SAM Industry Standards (ISO 19770, etc.). We always make sure that processes are never overkill and stay relevant to the organization’s size, industry, and governance objectives.

Audit Advisory & Support (AAS)

If your organization is not maintaining your software assets the way it should’ve been maintained, you could be in trouble. With our service, we can proactively address risk areas, which could be identified in an external audit resulting in losing huge amounts of money. With our strategy specifically made for your organization and area of business, our experts can prevent any damage in terms of money and reputation that would result from improper software asset management. Dispute Audit Request (Depending upon scenario)

  • Pre-Audit Preparation
  • Health Check Assessment
  • Oversight during Audit Data Collection
  • Report Review and Dispute Management at
  • Draft Report Stage
  • Final Report Agreement & Settlement Closure