Gaming Services

AnalyCat provides game-ready 3D models and animations optimized for video games, as well as asset development services for AR, VR, and custom requirements.

Game-Ready Models and Animation

Our team provides services to create game-ready models and animations that are optimized for real-time rendering in video games and other interactive media. Our models are light and easily discernible, making them ideal for use in the gaming industry, mobile gaming development, and the metaverse.

AR | VR | Services

We specialize in developing assets for various applications including Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and custom requirements. Our assets can be delivered in various formats such as Maya/Max files with textures, FBX Files with textures, Substance Painter files, or directly in-engine. Our services are ideal for creating the “final” content for VR Video games and applications, simulation experiences such a flight or racing simulators, and 3D web applications.